lørdag 14. februar 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's day friends and family! For those who are married, couples in love, and for those still searching for their perfect match! May you love each other/ yourself today as much as every other day of the year!

We are "celebrating"/spending Valentine's in the Caribbean as you probably know.
Rafael has his day off today, and we were planning a relaxing day, going out for dinner and watch series in bed. Only had to do a little laundry.

But after breakfast the hotel management brought us the news... due to some unforeseen reasons...they were 3 rooms short.. 3 couples travelling together. Our apartment has 3 bedrooms+bathrooms. So it was perfect....for them!

And us? We had to start packing... And it's not done in a moment. We LIVE in this apartment!
After 10 minutes the maids entered and started cleaning. And in 40 minutes we were out! 

So that's our Valentine's...we got thrown out of our "own" apartment.... But with other beds waiting for us of course!

We're staying in the hotel managers apartment tonight! One floor above our "own",  looking down at those strangers enjoying their 1-day vacation in "our" terrace...

But I have to say the Wi-fi, TV and dinner at the hotel compensate a lot.. And we have each other! Today, as every other day!

Enjoy the night!

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